about the swell

The Swell is a space to write about, look at, and start a conversation about the ideas that provoke us and the people who inspire us. I use this space to celebrate businesses engaged in game-changing projects, discuss new research, and showcase some best practices. On the lighter side, I share links to events, exhibits, workshops, music I’m listening to and books I’m reading, gifs of sheep — all the experiences and sounds and ideas that lift my spirit, refresh my mojo, and bring forth the best in me. I hope you'll find inspiration and delight here.


Oceanparkstudio is a boutique marketing and strategy firm. We possess the sophistication and wherewithal to execute "big agency" ideas with the personal, hands-on approach of a smaller firm. Our clients range from creative start-ups to mid-size consumer goods organizations and international, billion-dollar tech providers. 


We imagine the architecture and design of business transformation.