Flying home from Vegas after Global Shop 2017, I discovered the Benefit kiosk in the airline terminal. Having spent the previous two days immersed in talk of branding, technology, innovative thinking, presentation, and analog v digital preferences, I couldn't help but pause to admire their cheeky panache. 

Benefit nailed every part of this campaign: location, execution, product mix. 

I saw three kiosk types in the terminals: ATMs, Best Buy (small electronics, of course) and Benefit. What do you need when you travel, and especially when you go to Vegas? Cash, power + access, and to look your best. 

The entire experience was branded: from the Glam Truck shell to the product packaging and the digital interface. The candy pink truck is appropriately playful and retro, not to mention eye-catching and a real statement piece. Each product has a distinctive graphic design / illustration, color way, typography, naming convention, and even size, yet the collection holds together as a unified whole. The brand is known for being tongue-in-cheek and irreverent: even the kits were presented as "first class faves." Every purchase over $10 (which pretty much meant every purchase) came with a free luggage tag. 

Benefit caters to a younger audience, millennials who are more tech savvy, less likely to need or want tutorials from a make-up artist/technician at a traditional counter. It also positions itself as a make-up brand for people who prefer to keep things a bit simple, be playful, not look overly done up. So the DIY approach at a young-oriented destination feels spot-on.

Best Buy: as a counterpoint.  

Best Buy: as a counterpoint.  



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