Really: Textile Upcycling

Solid Textile Board and Acoustical Felt Tiles are sustainable materials used for architecture and product design. The engineered board and tiles are composed of upcycled cotton and wool waste from the fashion and textile industry, laundries, households, and offcuts from textile partners. Their production does not use water, dyes, or toxic chemicals. By upcycling end-of-life textiles, Really - the Denmark-based originators of the product – challenges the design industry to rethink their use of resources and work with a circular economy in mind. In Denmark alone, more than 1,000 tons of textiles are thrown away and incinerated each year. 

How can we think about waste, trash, and unused material in a similarly creative light? 

I'm involved now in Textile Arts | Los Angeles, a professional networking group that is actively working on solutions for improving and upcycling our local textile streams: through exploring the use of sustainable, natural dyes; compiling organic and fair trade sources for manufacturing; diverting used textiles from landfills and into repurposed art and commercial projects; serving as advisors to the textile industry; and encouraging dialogue and shared research.  

Please reach out to share what you are working on, and check out Really's work at the link above.

Lesley RobertsComment