Focus as a Strategy

We work with a number of entrepreneurs — and for these purposes I'm defining them as the traditional young guns out to launch a new product (and not also established brands responding to a rapidly changing marketplace by acting entrepreneurially). The common weakness among these nascent entrepreneurs is lack of focus. 

It is tempting to want to appeal to everyone, especially in the early stages. After all, you need the revenue, you need the connections. Best advice I've heard? Don't be lured into using your business to simply give yourself a job. 

The magic is focus. Develop your brand (remember, it's not just your job) around a clear sense of what your product — or service — is. And what it is not. And who your target market is. And who it is not. This clarity will serve to differentiate your brand, as well as lay the foundation for building robust and enduring partnerships. A clear brand identity will establish your unique value, a distinction which in turn will attract the right prospects. By narrowing your focus you will connect with like-minded people with like-minded projects. The kind of projects that made you want to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

For Oceanparkstudio, we choose the who carefully: who do we want to be in business with? Our attention favors people and brands who share a respect for ethical practices, sustainability, excellence in execution, strong visuals, intelligent thinking, and a regard for our mutual quality of life. What's your focus?