the swell stuff 2019

A space for random musings, links to cool content on the web, books I am reading, music I am listening to, articles that don't fit in the more formal categories, ideas worth mulling over: that's what the swell stuff is for. The page hosts idiosyncrasies, the stuff that's not like the other stuff (thank you George Carlin), the delights that give my experience depth and breadth. 


southern cal fibershed

finally, sheep

I’ve been named the Fibershed affiliate for the So Cal Fibershed, and will now be working directly with fiber farmers, processing mills, textile artists and designers, suppliers, natural dyers, and more, as we seek to deepen the sustainable textile conversation by directly connecting the wearer to the biological context of their wardrobe.

mending as metaphor

healing and repairing

Ruth Souza’s Mending as Metaphor practice has had a profound influence on my thinking and habits. I am practicing the work of the hand as a means of viscerally sensing my sense of agency, and I am being more mindful of what and how I consume. I invite you to check out her website and learn more!

favorites for july 2019

what’s top of mind for mid summer

this art camp in upper Pennsylvania

Change by The Revivalists; then check out It Was A Sin and Soul Fight – you’ll thank me!

Mohawk Maker Quarterly – a whole other level of zine, craft storytelling, and design