Transforming Your Organization

The end of another year is upon us, bringing the inevitable New Year's resolutions. Many of us set out with lofty goals, explode out of the gate all afire, then get burned out before January is over. Gym memberships anyone? Instead of resorting to a comforting tub of ice cream to console yourself, let's take a page from John Kotter, change management guru. Transformation is possible.

With experience and data to back up his recommendations, Kotter created an eight step process for transforming any organization. The process is both well-paced and thoughtful, in that it outlines the need for a serious analysis to create broad understanding, spending enough time on the vision, and "generating short term wins" to maintain momentum and enthusiasm. 

Kotter's approach will likely require the entire year to implement, but the payoff is a deep understanding of where you are and where you want to go, and building the relationships and systems that will enable enduring change and growth. Happy New Year's to that!

Lesley Roberts