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Branding Matters

A brand is when you add an attitude, a perspective, a frame of mind, to a product, a service. A brand is the way you know, in the dark, which of the dogs jumped up on the bed. It's a way of being.

And because people are inherently emotional beings, even ostensibly when we are making rational decisions such as buying apple juice or a car or picking a lawyer, brands matter. Research shows that your mind "knows" what you are going to choose BEFORE you can append your rationalizations, your frontal cortex reasons. (Malcolm Gladwell's Blink addresses this phenomenon.) And why then does a brand matter? Because a brand is how you add value. It is the tool you use to create a reputation — or change one. It is how you not only gain clients — but the right ones. It is how you drive revenue — how you command a premium — or drive volume. And it is the platform upon which profitability it earned.

Get out there and tell your brand story.

$2.5 Trillion Market

On Leadership: Brene Brown, PhD

On Leadership: Brene Brown, PhD