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Focus on Plan A

Wondering "What if" and hedging one's bets is an age-old habit. Caution seems the wiser course, and imagining alternatives prepares us for a host of otherwise unexpected opportunities or outcomes. However, when it comes to your business — start-up or established — let's debunk this surprisingly unhelpful mindset. 

Research has shown that 'Plan A Works Better When There's no Plan B'. A study in the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Journal related to backup plans and goals found that, “Simply contemplating backup plans makes you want to achieve the primary goal less, which makes you put less effort into it. As a result, you have lower chances of success in your primary goal.”

The lesson: go all in. Determine a course of action - see the Five Day Sprint for one means to this end — do the research and soul searching and sleep-on-it stages, then act. It's about the psychology of being hungry: the determination, focus, and clarity of your plan will propel you in the right direction.

The Learning Brands

The Learning Brands