Renovate and Revise

I came across an interview-ette with Aaron Betsky in a year end round-up from Metropolis Magazine  (full disclosure: it’s from 2013, but it still resonates with me!) that neatly summarizes some themes I’d like to focus on this year: “. . . the increased importance of renovating and reusing. We need to learn how to make do with what we have, but also on a philosophical level the ideas that we need to always be looking for the new, the un-thought-of . . . should give way to a way of thinking about design as a gathering of what is already there, reorganizing and reassembling it, and thinking about it in a different way so that we see our work as designers more as that of hunters and gatherers and less of as genius inventors.”

His sentiment ties in with ideas of sustainability: Do we really need more, or do we need to be thoughtful users of what we already have? How is consumption and consumerism adding to our lives?