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Shinola at Global Shop 2017

Shinola at Global Shop 2017

Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, opened Global Shop 2017 with a keynote speech. Shinola is an exceptional brand: they tell a coherent and appealing brand story and have created tremendous value in 7-8 years. Takeaways from the session:

Interactive: they make bags and bikes in store. Part of the experience aspect that keeps retail relevant.

Five Senses of Guest Experience: visual, sound, touch, taste, smell. Art shows, analog sound through record players, tactile display, coffee bars and treats, candles.

Community Engagement: create a conversation in store.

What's Next: the Shinola Hotel.

Mission: "We are a Job Creation Vehicle." Think about that for a minute.

They think about neighborhood and tailor to where they are.

"We live in a digital world that wants to be analog."

American manufacturing.

Opened flagship store with goal of selling $180k in 6 months. Got there in 3 days. Sold $3M in first year.

If you'd like to hear more details, let's have coffee.

The Repair Revolution

The Repair Revolution

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