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Design Trends from Global Shop

Design Trends from Global Shop

Highlights from the Design Trends! Panel, featuring Ignaz Gorischek of Callison RTKL, Mare Weiss of Bergmeyer, and Jennifer Nemec of Ideation Studio.

"A trend is not a fad – it's an enduring and important change to our world and our behavior." I appreciated this observation – it reminds us not to diminish the concept of trends, as if they are not substantial enough to warrant our attention.

"The world and retail will change in 5 years and be unrecognizable in 10." So let's be prepared. if only be prepared to not be prepared! We're talking about a paradigm shift here.

The Sharing economy. It makes life more affordable and is better for sustainability. Millennials don't want to own luxury or cars – or even a house. Hence the popularity of Uber. And the emergence of Repair Revolution (see post in Voices) and Patagonia's "Fix More, Buy Less" program. Even social media is an example of a sharing economy. Work places: we are more often renting space in a WeWork scenario, or renting ours out in off hours a la Peerspace. Sharing is part of building community, another significant trend towards feeling connected – see the prevalence of workshops, Whiskey Wednesdays, and adult sports leagues. Supporting fact: China's sharing economy is projected to grow 40% annually. Ironically, the handheld device, which isolates us socially, enables the sharing economy.

We are after a compelling experience. Storytelling. Immersion. Interactive. Ignite Creativity. Give people a reason to stay, an authentic experience. 

Technology used with a purpose. Call up data through RFID tags. Projection mapping and animation. Surprise. Use it in a humanizing way. Don't have a screen just to have it. It has to add something.

Retail is about looking forward. Trust. Holiday windows: discovery and shared experience. Emotion. The formality of the event. Something to look forward to.

Luxury is something that makes you feel good.

Catered to me. Personal Shopping. The Me Economy. Fast. Catered to my senses. Designed by Me. Choose your own path = how much help you need. Capturing mood at retail. What do you want at 10 a.m. vs 9 p.m.?

Is there any value to differentiating between Millennials and Gen X? Prefer buying from companies with a purpose.

Enmeshment. Go small. Delightful. Personal. 

The Power of Tomorrow

The Repair Revolution

The Repair Revolution