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Mindful Materials 2018 Textile Summit

Mindful Materials 2018 Textile Summit

• A two-day symposium of researchers, artists, and creators working at the intersections of art, craft, and commerce

• Exploring questions and responses to the concept of Mindful Materials. The textile, manufacturing, apparel, and "making" communities have been questioning the concept of sustainability, the power of innovation, the role of technology, and how collaboration rather than competition can be a path forward. 

• As artists and community members, what is our role in these questions and to what degree do we turn to disruption, i.e., a radical rethinking of our ways of making and being in the world? 

• How do we contribute to a meaningful dialogue and course of action – both within our intimate communities and in our position within one of the largest urban environments and economic markets in the world?

• Keynote speaker, moderated panels, workshops, pechakucha, networking, trunk show


Carmen Artigas, sustainable designer, consultant, and speaker, specializing in integrating ethical practices within the fashion industry

• Kristine Upesleja, founder of Madisons Innovative

•Lynn Siodmak of Outerknown

•Jessica Schreiber of FabScrap

•Kestrel Jenkins of Conscious Chatter with 

Steve Zika, COO of Natural Fiber Welding
Isadora Alvarez, Founder of Back Beat Rags
Juan Diego Gerscovich, Cofounder of Industry Of All Nations


Liz Spencer, The Dogwood Dyer: Bundle Dyeing with Natural Materials

Ruth Katzenstein Souza of Mending as Metaphor with a Mending Circle.


Our Obsession with Stuff

Our Obsession with Stuff