Photographer Lindsay Meggers

We’re always curious about what’s going on, over there — as is talented LA-based photographer Lindsay Meggers. We admire Lindsay’s warmth, positive attitude and cheeky curiosity, and were thrilled when she sat down with us to talk about her work.

photo courtesy of Lindsay Meggers

photo courtesy of Lindsay Meggers


the swell: What inspires your work?

LM: I’m inspired by the expansive impact an image has; the wondrous way it can capture a thousand words and a million emotions. The way it can inspire change and the beautiful way that it can connect strangers from all corners of the world.

the swell: What gets you out of bed with your camera?

LM: You can’t press rewind on life. Every moment is powerful and you have to be present in order to capture it.

the swell: What do you like to shoot?

LM: Everything! I like to think of photography like a mosaic, and it is very hard to favor one subject because they all have their special place. But with that said, I do favor a documentary/editorial style of shooting subjects, natural lighting and with minimal editing.

the swell: Anything you are currently working on? Also, anything you would like to share?

LM: I usually have a few things going on simultaneously . . . . I was last seen working with the most wonderful and talented musician coming to the scene and we were wandering around finding fun grungy gypsy vibes to capture for her debut.

My personal project is playing around with the idea I’ve had for a documentary series, taking portraits of artists at work, to capture what it looks like to “lose yourself” in something you love doing.

the swell: Fill in the blank: _______ restaurant has the best________ in LA.

LM: Another Kind of Sunrise café has the BEST muffins in LA and (and maybe the world).

the swell: What’s your dream job?

LM: Dream job: Freelance humanitarian photographer. And freelance with National Geographic, NY Times, LA Times… !!!

the swell: Beach or mountains? Ice cream or fro-yo? Dog or cat?

LM: Mountains! Kippy’s Ice Cream! Couldn’t live without my baby cocker spaniel “Mango,” but I also want to get a little kitty and name it Dandelion.

the swell: Any advice for photographers just starting out or someone looking to take better photos?

LM: Let your intuitions guide you. Remember how valuable you are and in turn the work you produce. It is your uniqueness that will impact the world around you, and it will bring out your subjects’ uniqueness when they see you being true to your self. And when the work gets hard listen to the wise words a man once said, “One man [woman] of courage makes a majority.”

Thank you Lindsay for sharing your creativity with us.

photo courtesy of Lindsay Meggers

photo courtesy of Lindsay Meggers