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Caroline Swift  |  Ceramist

Caroline Swift | Ceramist

[First in a series on artists I do not know personally but whose work is inspiring and gorgeous.] 

Caroline Swift is a ceramist, former head of knitwear design at Benetton, former ESL teacher in South Asia, and former baker of cakes. Her search for the right plates on which to shoot said cakes led her to explore ceramics, specifically unglazed bone china. I first discovered Caroline's work through a feature in Interior Design magazine; her website is a stunning showcase of her more current work, some examples of which are pasted below. 


Pictured above, “too good to put in the cupboard explores the interaction between displaying delicate ceramic pieces as an art form on the wall and the practicalities of using the pieces in everyday life." 

Bare, unglazed bone china is presented on long rusted nails in a unique and innovative modular display system. all of the ceramics in the collection are made from bone-china and most of the work is un-glazed, to show the bone china in its highest beauty. this is an uncompromising and time consuming choice as the pieces must be dry-sanded, at a very delicate stage, to an egg shell finish before being placed in the kiln for the final firing. bone china is without exception the most challenging ceramic material to work with but it’s colour, beauty and strength after the final firing is unprecedented and allows it to be worked so thinly, whilst still retaining its strength. all pieces are made exclusively by hand, by caroline in the studio in barcelona.

glass installations” is a further exploration of delicate hand-blown spheres of glass and their sculptural possibilities. tied crudely with raw, dark wires they hang from the wall or the ceiling either in dense groups or on a much larger scale are balanced to make exquisite and refined compositions of deep, rich colour.

NextGen Art Party | UNICEF

NextGen Art Party | UNICEF

Erik Smith, Videographer

Erik Smith, Videographer